2023 Tabletop Games Report
Data curated and presented by Last Night Games
Total games released in 2023: 4,651
Generally available games: 964
All data provided by boardgamegeek.com
Last updated: Feb 3, 2024
All Games Casual 2 Player Family Children Party Card War Miniatures
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All data including game titles and images is obtained from boardgamegeek.com. Last Night Games makes no legal claim to any of the aforementioned information and provides this report as a free service to aid retailers, publishers and consumers in the discovery of new tabletop games. For the purposes of this report, the term "Generally available games" refers to games which by our estimation have been published and are available to purchase somewhere in the world. Specifically, this designation is used to filter out games that have only been prototyped, are only available in print and play formats, or are not yet planned for release. To assist in identifying games that have likely been distributed, we only include games that have an image and at least 10 ratings and 10 users claiming to own it.

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